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What is Blended Visual Learning (BVL)?

BVL solves your training challenges with by utilizing a mix of communication solutions

We are different than your typical eLearning provider, and offer so much more than just course development.  We use our training and communications expertise to develop the right mix of visual communication tools that focus on developing the right solution (or solutions) for your training needs, no matter what it is.  It may be course development…Or it could be videos, virtual reality, presentations, infographics, a website, or other visual communication solutions!

So what’s with the “V” in V Learning?

Training has to capture and hold, the attention of your audience in order to stand out and be remembered.

Your trainees are bombarded with 10,000+ images a day, and it’s made their attention span shorter than that of a goldfish, 8 seconds to be exact.

Templated PowerPoint presentations alone are not enough to capture let alone hold your trainee’s attention anymore.  And if you can’t hold their attention, they won’t be able to retain and use the information you are trying to teach. At V Learning,  we use a blend of VISUAL based communication tools  to capture and hold their attention ultimately resulting in more effective and efficient training.

Our Approach Is Unique

in that we believe that with all learning you must focus on

Story First. Medium Second.

Blended Visual Learning Solutions

We don’t limit ourselves, we will build the right solution for your training need.


We design, produce and implement online, SCORM compliant courses for nearly all applications. Their ease of administration and accessibility, as well as a wide range of features, make them the go to tool for industry training.


When professionally written, planned, shot, and edited, video is still the best tool to capture attention while portraying complex content to your audience.


Microsites are almost infinitely customizable to fit training needs.  When properly designed, they can provide the tools trainees need, at the time they need them, and in a secure location.


VR and simulation lets trainees experience situations that may otherwise be impossible to experience in real life because of costs, safety, logistical, or time constraints.


We live in a mobile world.  We can develop apps that give your trainees the resources they need – anytime, anywhere.


Eye-catching presentations (PPT, Prezi, etc.), strategically designed for your target audience. When properly developed, presentations can be an effective and low cost way to support in-class training.

Solutions for Every Industry

Every industry and every training challenge has unique requirements.


Flexibility to cover soft skills training needs


Customized solutions to your training needs


Diverse solutions for safety, operations, and orientation training


Procedural training to keep employees safe


Scenario based interactive training to tell a story, AND to teach


Visual led instruction with a human touch

Our Work

See how our Blended Visual Learning solutions have helped solve our clients training needs

Online and In-Class Video Training

ENMAX approached us to help them develop an updated solution for their in-Person Hazardous Electrical Awareness Training (HEAT). It had to be engaging and visually interesting, while informing trainees on the importance of hazard awareness.  The solution we delivered centered around modular video training. Click on the image to read more.

Fun Group Training Tools

Graham Construction needed help adding fun, engagement and  interactivity into their on-boarding training.  They wanted new employees to understand their business as a whole, but they didn’t want to add another lecture to an already crowded on-boarding schedule.  The solution was to use this opportunity to increase engagement by gamifying the learning experience to make it collaborative and fun. Click on the image to read more.

Learning Microsite

MindFuel (formerly the Science Alberta Foundation) have a mandate to get kids interested in science studies by providing fun and innovative opportunities in the classroom.  This particular lesson was centered on molecular structures and how they are affected by heat.  Mindfuel approached us to see how this could be accomplished using technology in a way that is accessible, independent and easy for a busy teacher to implement and customize. Click on the image to read more.

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Diverse Talents = Diverse Solutions

We are a group of instructional designers and communicators with decades of experience. We will work with you to discover the best possible training/learning solution for your company and then help you design, implement and support it.



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