Contractors are the cause of the vast majority of electrical incidents that occur in Calgary and surrounding areas. Better training options were needed to ensure all contractors and operators in Calgary have access to online materials that communicate the severity and importance of caution and awareness when working near electrical hazards. Additionally, ENMAX trainers had a need for targeted and instructionally designed video content to use in their regular in-class training.


In consultation with ENMAX representatives, and after researching the current training offerings they had in place (as well as other existing online training videos on the subject), it was decided that the best approach would be a training video. This video was created so that it could be presented either via modules or, as one continuous training offering online. Additionally, it was decided that the video would have maximum impact if it included a combination of: Emotional (affective) learning content, which was accomplished through the inclusion of interviews with employees and a victim’s mother Instructional (cognitive) learning content, which was accomplished through graphically enhanced live footage of realistic work settings. 


Although it is too early to get any qualitative results from the training as it pertains to reductions in incidents, the initial response from viewers of the videos, as well as the trainers, has all been very positive. People enjoy viewing the content and find the messaging simple and effective.

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