A mandate to get 8th grade students interested in science is a real challenge.  Mindfuel, has the constant pressure of providing science classes around Alberta with the tools and resources they need to do just that.  And these resources have to be practical and simple enough for busy teachers to implement into their class with little technical knowledge, support, and time. When Mindfuel approached us to do this for an upcoming module they were building for grade 8 science classes, we had our hands full as well.


In the end, we developed a series of interactive 360° environments that would use a combination of photo, graphics, text, and sound design to immerse the students in the environments being discussed and allow them to guide their own learning, while ensuring that they experienced the content needed by the curriculum.  By giving them control, and providing exciting content that they could interact with, the modules because not just educational, but exciting, and influential as well.


Rolled out to classrooms across Alberta, the response to the 360° environments has been positive overall and continues to be used today.

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