Science is a hard sell to your average 7th grader; let’s face it, it’s a hard sell to most people. So how do you get a group of youth that are generally not engaged to not only pay attention, but also immerse themselves in science and maybe even have some fun in the process? Additionally, how do you do this in a way that fits into the curriculum, seamlessly allowing teachers to implement the process into their classrooms with minimal legwork?


We developed the Bust–A–Myth microsite to provide students with an interactive and fun way to explore creative environments and discover information about heat transfer at the molecular level. Short, hot-spot-activated gifs gave the students the freedom to explore at their own pace and in the order they preferred. These gifs ultimately provided them with the information they needed in small, easily digestible chunks. The microsite featured a main navigation page, three sub-pages (based around graphical environments) and 10 animated gifs with added text descriptors that portrayed the educational components.


Rolled out to classrooms across Alberta, the response to Bust-A-Myth has been resoundingly positive. Teachers are pleased that they can integrate the tool into their teaching, using it to supplement their existing lessons.  The project has been a success, and has inspired MindFuel to look at similar options for other grades and subjects.

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