The National Energy Board is an organization whose work directly affects the lives of Canadians all across the country.  They are also an organizations whose work is complex and technical. In order to best serve Canadians, the NEB needs to find a way to provide them with information on not only their processes, but also on the work that they do as a complex regulatory body.


Because of the vast size and variability of the intended audience for the messaging from the NEB, it was decided that the best avenue to approach these materials would be through simplified animated explainer videos that focused on quickly explaining single topics in layman’s terms, with thoughtful supporting graphics. The series has continued to develop since its initial development and now contains nearly 20 videos developed in English and French.


The NEB continues to use these videos as a tool to communicate its work to Canadians and has returned to V for additional development several times to add to the series with new content.

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