Fire extinguisher training is an expensive, difficult-to-access piece of training that is universally required across multiple industries. In addition to the countless organizations that pay for and ship employees off to receive this training, several more still do not provide it at all, unable to solve the problem of how to give hundreds of employees the opportunity to actually practise proven techniques on using a fire extinguisher.


Working with our partner, MAMMOTH VR, we designed and developed a fully immersive virtual reality training experience for the P.A.S.S. technique, guiding its users through the full step-by-step process of putting out a live fire with a fire extinguisher. Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep. In a fun and engaging environment, each participant has the chance to practice the P.A.S.S. technique and successfully extinguish a fire without putting themselves or others at risk. This fully immersive and interactive experience was designed for the HTC Vive, making full use of the system’s touch controllers and room scale environment.


Several industry leaders and training experts have identified the P.A.S.S. experience as both an ideal training option specifically for the fire extinguisher, and as an example the best approach to training in general - immersive experiential environments. We have received multiple requests to license or purchase the P.A.S.S. virtual reality experience.

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