A new age of


technology is putting a demand on
new methods to educate and train.

Immersive AR/VR & 360º

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other immersive solutions are affording the opportunity
to incorporate new technologies into a variety of applications for learning, education, engagement, and training in ways you need to see to believe!

Virtual Reality

Immersing a learner in training through a virtual reality environment provides them with the opportunity to learn by
doing – with unprecedented capacity. A learner could explore VR training programs to experience what it is like on Mars, or see the inside of a volcano. The combination of immersion and interactivity, available through a variety of VR headset options, provides a new invaluable avenue for learning.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality training is the seamless integration of digital elements, overlaid to interact with the learner’s real world, all viewed through a smart phone or AR training glasses. These augmented training elements occur in real-time, affording the opportunity to immediately enhance learning experiences.

interactive 360º video

Unlike traditional video which separates the audience from the content with a single frame – 360º training takes the audience
inside the video. 360º training videos immerse the learner within the content as it unfolds around them. Opportunities for interaction come in the form of “gaze triggers” or point and click functionality that empowers the learner with some agency in their learning experience.


Criteria, and tangible objectives for the learner to navigate. Whether it’s online training, mobile training, virtual reality training, or augmented reality training, as participants move through the simulation, their learning transcends to a process of decision-making with genuine consequences based on their choices.

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Benefits of AR & vr

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) provide new immersive experiences that can
increase the impact of your learning initiative in ways never before available to both the
trainer and the trainee.  

Below are just some of the benefits of considering AR and VR training solutions into your
Blended Visual Learning™ strategic plan.

Augmented reality
Remove the classroom


Remove the classroom

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VIRTUAL reality
safer with reduced risks


Safer with Reduced Risks

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