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Training doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

course development

We know not all course material can be exciting. We also know that we can present training in a way that can create more retention and engagement from the learner. With the incorporation of great writing, design and creativity, we can develop both in-class, and online courses with elements that will make even the most dry content interesting and exciting. That’s what we do here at V Learning!

eLearning Course

We design, produce, and implement SCORM compliant, online training software courses for nearly all applications. Their ease of administration and accessibility, as well as a wide range of features, make them the go to tool for both web based training and Blended Visual Learning™ solutions.


Providing a full container and foundation for instruction and education, from administering and documenting, to delivery and evaluation, we develop fulsome Learning Management Systems that can serve as the hub of the entire learning experience, branching out into additional learning tools and applications.


The most impactful lessons throughout the ages have been those that focus on good storytelling to help deliver key information. At V Learning, we believe strongly in the power of story and look to incorporate meaningful analogies or thematic lessons to help elevate the presentation of your important information. When developing courseware or engaging supplemental content, we always look for the greater story that will entertain and ultimately aid with lesson retention and practical real-world application.

Create learning content that inspires more learning - do more!

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