The Power
of story telling.

Use the power of video & animation to connect with your audience on a level unlike other mediums.

video & Animation

People process images 60,000 times faster than words. Whether presented as a series of messaging or in smaller digestible pieces of content, video and animation are effective hooks that cater to additional learning styles, scaffolding visual learners and engaging a variety of audiences. Compatible with online training software, web based training, or AR training and VR training, video and animation are both invaluable assets.


Video has proven to be a medium of choice. We’re surrounded by it in our daily lives.  The reason people prefer video is that we’re able to process images 60,000 times faster than words. In a world where our attention span has decreased to only 8 seconds, video is a medium that provides us with a quick and easy way to communicate complex messages.  Whether presented as a longer length instruction video or in smaller digestible pieces of content, video is and will continue to play a larger role in corporate training and engagement.

Explainer Video

Quite often we need to explain to stakeholders a new process or procedure, or update them on a project. An animated explainer video achieves this by providing a thorough explanation of your subject matter in a simple and engaging way. Using 2D animated characters, images or whiteboard style graphics, an explainer video is typically around 60-120 seconds and focuses on one specific subject. It can be a how-to for a new service or product – or simply an explanation of an abstract idea or process. Whatever the purpose, it is a fast-paced visual story to inform your audience

3D & 2D Animation

Animation is a dynamic medium that uses well-designed motion graphics and sounds to tell an engaging story for your audience. Using both 2D animation and 3D animation, you can communicate messages efficiently, show complex processes in a simple format, and bring abstract concepts to life – all in an entertaining and engaging fashion. Unlike the real life limitations of traditional film or photography, with animation the boundaries for what you can create are limitless.

supplement your training with the use of video & Animation to captivate & engage.

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